Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE), A Private Adult Online High School District, And Compass Rose Foundation, Inc., A Non-Profit Organization—Have Joined Forces To Provide Educational Opportunities To Students Across The Nation And Beyond. These Two Innovative Educational Organizations Look Forward To Providing Affordable And Convenient Education To Those In-need.

Tallahassee, FL (Vocus/PRWEB) August 10, 2010

Two innovative Florida-based educational organizations—Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE), a private adult online high school district, and Compass Rose Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization—have joined forces to provide educational opportunities to students across the nation and beyond.

Founded in 2009 and located in Pensacola, Florida, Smart Horizons Career Online Education has quickly established itself as a leader in delivering affordable, career-based online education to adult students throughout the world. The online education company’s first classes went online in April of this year, offering complete 18-credit high school diplomas, coupled with coursework needed to earn a career-credentialed certificate. This is great news for the roughly 45 million individuals in the U.S. who are either unemployed or are in entry-level positions for lack of a high school diploma or GED.

“My dream has always been to build something innovative from scratch in the educational space,” said Dr. Howard Liebman, CEO and Superintendent for Smart Horizons Career Online Education. “We’re targeting working adults, usually with two to three jobs, who need to earn their high school diploma and require flexibility within their educational experience.”

Compass Rose Foundation, a non-profit organization with headquarters in Largo, Florida, has been responsible for the establishment and/or management of no fewer than nine post-secondary or higher education institutions since it began operations in 1940. Begun as brick and mortar education facilities, all of the Compass Rose Foundation post-secondary institutions now feature both traditional classroom instruction as well as a complete online education experience. Compass Rose Foundation also established the Library and Information Resources Network in 1993.

“Our mission at Compass Rose Foundation is to release human potential,” said CEO Don Jones. “Our efforts are geared toward the development of lifelong careers with a focus on releasing human potential and bringing that potential to fruition.”

When Liebman and Jones were introduced earlier this year at a meeting of the Florida Association of Private Schools and Colleges held in Tallahassee, both realized the tremendous potential of a collaborative relationship between their organizations. If Compass Rose Foundation could direct students toward Smart Horizons Career Online Education to earn their online high school diplomas, those same students would be ready to move on to post-secondary institutions who offer career certificate diplomas and online AA diplomas.

“The relationship between Compass Rose Foundation and Smart Horizons Career Online Education is truly symbiotic,” said Jones. “Both organizations cater to the adult learner who may have experienced hardships in their lives, whether socio-economic or family-related. We like to address the needs of the student and part of this is making transitions as seamless as possible. The areas of interest offered by Smart Horizons Career Online Education lend themselves very well to the type of post-secondary training that is available through various post-secondary institutions.”

“Our recent partnership with Compass Rose Foundation is a perfect fit for both organizations,” said Dr. Richard Goldman, Chairman of the Board for Smart Horizons Career Online Education. “We are thrilled that Compass Rose Foundation affirms the importance of our vision, which is to re-engage adults back into the educational system.”

About Smart Horizons Career Online Education:
Smart Horizons Career Online Education, a private adult online high school district, is a national leader in delivering affordable, career-based online education to students throughout the world. Founded in 2009 and located in Pensacola, Florida, Smart Horizons Career Online Education offers complete career-based online high school diplomas and career (credentialed) certificates in the fields of healthcare, early childhood education, transportation services, homeland security, protection services, and office management. For more information, visit our website at , call our office at 800-261-6248 or email our office at hliebman(at)smarthorizonsonline(dot)org.